Meet Holly

Artist Holly Powell is originally from Southern Rhode Island. She attended the Art Institute of Boston in Boston, Massachusetts and then traveled for several years to Florida, Israel and Jamaica. In 1995 Holly settled in Southern Connecticut with her Jamaican husband Bruce, who is an amazing furniture and cabinetmaker. She has two bubbly teenage daughters, Niyoka and Lateasha.

After years of working hard to create a foundation, her family was established.
In 2000, Holly and Bruce opened A.B. Powell Gallery in Stonington, Connecticut. The gallery features Holly’s fine art, floor cloths, painted furniture and Bruce’s hardwood furniture.

Coastal living and Holly’s deep love of nature influence her artwork. She is attracted to the vibrant colors of flowers and the ocean. Owning a fine art and crafts gallery has given Holly a great perspective of decorative design. Creating balance with symmetry, color and subject matter is part of her work process.

Over the years Holly has sold many pieces of artwork through her gallery as well as commissioned work. In 2003 she exhibited at the Surtex show in NYC to gain more knowledge about the print and licensing market. She enjoys working on projects with clients to achieve their vision. “As an artist, I hope to produce art that inspires and comforts the viewer.”

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